Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1st Day at the Y

So I joined the YMCA this week. And today was my first time working out. I joined mostly for the classes that they offer. I struggle with self motivation, and I classes help me get over that hump and help me push myself harder than I would by myself. But anyway, since it's been years since I've actually worked out I started with the "starter fitness" class. One word- EMBARASSING! Haha! The pamphlet said the class was for older people, pregnant women, or people who just haven't worked out in a long time. Let's just say the average age of the class was at least 65....the closest person to my age was the teacher, and she was in her mid forties...worst part? It was actually a hard workout for me! Not that I couldn't do everything, but I was actually sore, winded and tired halfway through. Haha! Oh well. I know it was embarrassing for me today. But I'm not going to let that stop me. And I'll go to that same class on Thursday. I've let myself go even farther than I thought, and it's just going to have to be embarrassing for a little while. Oh well. Atleast I'm doing something about it now. As for now, I'll just look to tomorrow- and a zumba class...yikes! That should be an interesting experience! Haha! :) here's to being winded and sore!!!

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Ashley McLemore (Dickinson) said...

How much did it cost to join? If you want a work out buddy, I'd love to go with you! Lord knows I need it too!

Best Day EVER!